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User management microservice (Part 6): Remember me authentication with persistent JWT tokens

Last time I added username and password based authentication with using Spring Security. Should you have missed the that, I notice here that JWT tokens were issued upon a successful login and validated for subsequent requests. Creating long-lived JWTs isn’t practical, as they’re self contained and there’s no way to revoke them. If tokens are stolen all bets are off. For that reason, I wanted to add the classic remember-me style authentication with persistent tokens. Remember-me tokens are stored in cookies as JWTs as the first line of defense, however they are also persisted to the database and their lifecycle is being tracked.

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User management microservice (Part 5): Authentication with JWT tokens and Spring Security

So far the business logic, data access layer and the front controllers had been build, however enforcing authentication was completely missing. As Spring Security became the de-facto standard when is comes to building authentication and authorization into a Java web application, I’ll be using that. In this fifth part I show you how Spring Security can be used with JWT tokens, another technology gaining traction nowadays.

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