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This is how you can setup a Maven project for Java 9

One of the most anticipated events of the Java world is going to be when version 9 gets released on the 21st of September*.  It’ll be a game changer, no doubt about that, primarily due to its module system. It can put an end to the jar-hell we might have been facing for a long time. In this short tutorial, I’d like to show you how a new Java 9 enabled Maven project can be configured.

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User management microservice (Part 7): Putting it together

During writing the last six parts of this article series a lot has happened. From absolutely zero the building blocks of a user management application had been developed. In this last article, I’d like to show you how to assemble the pieces in order to get the app working. Some functionalities are still missing and I’m still working on the first release to make make it feature complete, but the very basics are available now.

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How to deploy a Spring Boot Application to Google App Engine

Let me show you how you what possibilities there are to deploy Spring Boot application to Google’s Cloud Platform. Google has recently introduced their free tier which gives you $300 worth of credit for a year and also under certain usage limits their services remain free. This is similar what Amazon has been offering for a wile, but goes even beyond that.

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