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Introduction to HTTP/2 support in Java 9

The IETF streaming group approved the HTTP/2 protocol in 2015, sixteen years after HTTP/1.1 had been released. HTTP/2 comes with the promise of lowering latency and makes many of those workarounds obsolete which were necessary for HTTP/1.1 in order to be able to keep up with today’s response time requirements. In this article, I introduce HTTP/2 briefly and how it renews the text-based HTTP/1.1 and then we look into the upcoming HTTP/2 support in Java 9.

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This is how you can setup a Maven project for Java 9

One of the most anticipated events of the Java world is going to be when version 9 gets released on the 21st of September*.  It’ll be a game changer, no doubt about that, primarily due to its module system. It can put an end to the jar-hell we might have been facing for a long time. In this short tutorial, I’d like to show you how a new Java 9 enabled Maven project can be configured.

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