Episode #000 – Start Podcasting

Very first CraftingJava episode recorded to try the equipment out and to finally get started with podcasting

Hey, this is László from craftingjava.com. Welcome to the Crafting Java Podcast. This is how it started. This is episode zero, the first podcast I have ever recorded, so I just thought that I could try the equipment out and the software I’m going to use for cutting audio tracks, and just to see how it feels like podcasting; talking to myself in an empty room. It’s pretty weird, actually.

So next time I’m planning to invite someone to the show, and this one is just about starting out somewhere. And I promised myself that I was going to publish this, even if it’s crap. This hurts my OCD, a lot. So, I’m kind of a perfectionist and doing something for the first time, something this way highly imperfectly, that hurts my OCD, a lot. Yeah. So I have never really cut audio tracks and then haven’t done such things before, so it’s all new.

The microphone is an Audio-Technica AT2005 USB and the software I’m using for cutting the tracks is Ocean Audio. That’s, pretty simple to use.

Yeah, so this is it for today. Have a nice weekend and see you next time.

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Laszlo Csontos

I've been coding since the age of 9. I knew from childhood that all I wanted to do was code. Now I've been coding for 25 years, with Java for 18 years and professionally for 13 years. During past projects I worked in various roles as a consultant, developer, mentor, team leader and architect. My focus areas have been database- oriented back-end applications, performance tuning techniques and distributed systems. In the last 3 years, I specialized in building microservices with the Spring Ecosystem and also contributed to some of its sub-projects. The newest venture of mine is the creation of craftingjava.com, which aims at helping young software engineers learn Spring.

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