Announcement: SpringUni is now CraftingJava

SpringUni continues to operate under the new name CraftingJava.

What’s happened?

I started this blog in March, 2017 and originally I wanted to devote it entirely to content related to the Spring Ecosystem with a narrower focus on developing Microservices with it.

It’s been recently re-branded as CraftingJava. Most of the social media assets were renamed and the old website ( now redirects here.


I’ve recently realized that professional work I’m doing on a daily basis grows beyond Spring and there are other Java related topics I could write about.

I came to this conclusion after writing Using Java Flight Recorder with OpenJDK 11 which was then picked up by @java

… actually twice.

Along with @payara_fish and couple of others on Twitter.

In social media terms some might say that that post has gone viral. Although I wouldn’t use such big words myself, it’s clear that such a content – which wasn’t tightly connected to original theme of this site – gained unusual amount of attention and became the most viewed article of all.

Now what?

The Spring Ecosystem is still very important for me and it’s still the Nr. 1 framework I use, but performance tuning and monitoring of Java apps is something else I’ve also been doing for long.

All that said, you can expect posts about Spring, but there will be content here about other stuff as well.

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Laszlo Csontos

I've been coding since the age of 9. I knew from childhood that all I wanted to do was code. Now I've been coding for 25 years, with Java for 18 years and professionally for 13 years. During past projects I worked in various roles as a consultant, developer, mentor, team leader and architect. My focus areas have been database- oriented back-end applications, performance tuning techniques and distributed systems. In the last 3 years, I specialized in building microservices with the Spring Ecosystem and also contributed to some of its sub-projects. The newest venture of mine is the creation of, which aims at helping young software engineers learn Spring.

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